Brawer is a craft brewery from Santa Fe, Argentina. From the very beginning, we worked closely with the creation of their brand, identity and their packaging design.




Brand Identity


Santa Fe, Argentina.



The Challenge

Because of the great raising of the craft market, our challenge was to create a unique and memorable connection with an audience quite overwhelmed by the amount of offers. The key was to outline a different proposal.

To achieve this, we focused on people who look for crafted products, who value dedication and uniqueness on each project. Taking it from there, we started to create an insight that guided us through the development of the brand and its products.

Brawer, releases the good times.

“We inspire on those who dare to go beyond their surroundings, to move away from routine, from regular habits. People who want to embark on a special trip, where the important part is not to the destination but the journey. A journey that disconnect us from everything but connect us with what really matters. It is in the middle of that connection, where we surrender to destiny and we are part of that unique moment that becomes our history, that Brawer™ is born. A crafted beer that gathers all the carefully selected ingredients to make any connection, a special journey, a unique moment. Brawer™ releases the good times”.

This whole concept was taken to the packaging departing from a story that narrated through illustrations on the bottles the adventure of a character going into the unknown. On each type of beer, you could appreciate the traveler in different natural landscapes always holding a Brawer.

In an attempt to transmit the unforgettable of each moment, we decided to print the labels using a serigraphy technique.